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Davic Davic

A logo and a corporate identity are important criteria for recognizing any company or brand. A well-designed corporate identity contributes to the product’s interest and reliability. You will pick our works out from thousands of others. We create aesthetic projects that focus on the important, which increases the brand value.


Our design solutions are a working tool, not just beauty for beauty's sake. We only create effective visual concepts that help promote and develop your business. Each our client deserves a modern design that will arouse interest and trust of consumers. We are ready to develop it for you.


Consulting and implementing information security systems is one of the areas of our activities. Our CISOs will prepare an information security development strategy or give professional recommendations to your IT specialists, will help you find weak points in your infrastructure protection, select and implement solutions to protect your business processes from data leaks and vulnerabilities.

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We know how to promote your website in popular search engines, such as Yandex and Google. We know how to increase the targeted traffic and how to increase sales from a website. We will collect requests and optimize the website for the needs of your particular business. Integrated development, external and internal website optimization at a fair price.

Promotional Projects

Promo projects are aimed at the presentation of one product, service or promotional offer. We implement solutions that attract customers with their vibrancy and originality. We introduce clickable items, game mechanics, animation and a catchy design. Our promotional projects form positive emotions among users and arouse genuine interest.

About us

Down with templates, we approach each project individually. We don’t opt for beaten paths in design and development, but consider it a multifaceted art, which we take extremely seriously and responsibly.

Choosing between quantity and quality, we will always choose quality. Though, if you need something ultrafast and with a high quality, we can ensure that, too. Each client can count on the best service at a fair price. Our customers have been working with us for years, because it is comfortable with us.

You can get a good website, too. Leave a request on the website or send us an e-mail. And if you like the result (which we don’t doubt), give a hint to your partners about good websites.

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